Friday, December 4, 2009

Essential X-mas Music Track 4

"Please Come Home For Christmas" was originally written by Charles Brown. It's been covered by about a million people. The Eagles, Willie Nelson,and Jon Bon Jovi (and a few others) actually charted with their covers. I listened to a couple of versions of this song to pick my favorite. I finally settled on Aaron Neville's version because I like the added brass section. I'm pretty sure this is also the version used in Home Alone.

I'm glad to say that I've never had to spend a Christmas away from home. I missed Thanksgiving the first year that I lived in Chicago because I was working at Rainforest Cafe and that's apparently the busiest night of the year. I didn't even get off in time to go to Aunt Peggy's house, which I understand was a blessing in disguise because Uncle Tim and his brood were all there, suffering from some sort of plague. I would have liked to be with my family, eating piles of stuffing and home baked rolls. Never again though. Even if I have to fly home Christmas eve and return on the 26th, I'll never miss another Christmas or Thanksgiving if I can help it.

Also, props to Aaron Neville for not getting whatever that is on his eyebrow taken care of. Not like he has millions of dollars or anything.

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