Thursday, December 3, 2009

Essential Christmas Music- Track 3

"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause" is a really strange song. It's even odder when it's performed by the Jackson 5. See if you can follow me here.

"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause" is widely accepted as a wholesome Christmas song. It's sang sweetly by child pop stars and apple cheeked children the world over. But this is not a wholesome song.

This is a song about a young child witnessing his mother in the arms of another man. A child, who's innocence gets lost and is forced to grow up real quick. "Do I do the right thing and tell my dad, thereby destroying my parents marriage and forcing me to grow up a child of divorce or do I keep this secret forever, knowing that every Christmas eve, my mom will be cheating on my dad."

Now let's look at this song applying what we know about the Jackson family. There is no winner in this tale. Throughout the song, Michael is insisting that he caught his mother kissing Santa Clause. He didn't seem to have much trouble making his decision. In the middle of the song Michael says "I really did see mommy kissing Santa Clause and I'm going to tell my dad." Just so we're clear, he's going to tell this man.

We all know about Joe Jackson's legendary temper and his abusive relationship with his children. Is there any reason not to assume that when he learns of Catherine's infidelity he's not going to beat the ever loving crap out of her. I think not. I mean, look at him. Or on the flip side, let's say Joe confronts Catherine and, stoic as always, she tells him that Michael was probably just dreaming or something. Joe, enraged that his child would lie to him about something so serious, beats Michael within an inch of his life.

This is a really tragic song. Way more than "Christmas Shoes" (that will be the only time that song is mentioned in this list).

On a complete sidenote, the song ends with Michael continuing to insist to his brothers about what they saw. The rest of the brothers are mad because he's keeping them awake with his story. And then we hear one of the brothers yell "Germaine, you're taking all the covers! My toes are cold!" 5 brothers, ranging in age from roughly 8 to 17 are all sharing a bed?!? Weird. Besides, the Jackson family had buckets of money once they exploited their children. No way they are all in one bed.

As I was saying yesterday about Santa Clause is Coming to Town, this will not be the Jackson's only appearance on this list. They'll be back.

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Alicia said...

This song is just creepy. Things that creep me out:

1) the thought of Joe Jackson dressed as Santa Claus

2) If the song was made in 1993 instead and was entitled "I saw Michael Jackson Kissing Santa Claus"

3) the fact that this song contains the lyrics "I saw mommy tickle Santa Claus." Was that needed? I don't think so!