Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I almost forgot....

I promised you guys an update on my life. Here's what's going on.

- I came to a standstill on my weight loss for a couple of weeks. I've identified the problem and made some changes to attempt to over come them.

- I'm reading alot. Not as much as I could be, but I'm reading alot. I'm at the top of the hill as far as the Harry Potter series goes. I've got a great deal of books lined up to read when I finish.

- I've been investigating some job prospects for when I'm done with school.

- Speaking of school, I've got one week left in my Environmental Law class and 3 weeks left on my internship.

- Speaking of my internship, I'm working 2 days a week with a small Insurance Defense firm downtown. I really enjoy the work so far. It's very interesting. I think I'm really going to enjoy being a paralegal.

- Things are going swimmingly with You People. Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week.

- My grandmother is very sick. The docs are taking something of a "wait and see" approach. I think we've all been prepared for the inevitable for some time, but it doesn't make it easier.

I think that wraps it all up.

Oh! If you aren't already, start watching Glee.

I'm considering a second blog focuses specifically on my adventures trying to become a paralegal. We'll see about that though. I don't think I should commit to a second blog until I can update my first one more regularly.

I'm still living.

It's been over a month, I know. I'm still alive. I'm quite busy at this very second, but I intend to drop a post later tonight and catch all 6 of you up on my exploits in April. I also intend to try and get a nightly post going. How hard can it be. Generally, no matter what I'm doing, I spend at least 30 minutes before bed online. Why can't I write something instead of refreshing Facebook over and over.