Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things have been really going OK. I can't say they are great because I'm not at a job where my pay is close to correlated to my contributions to the company (does this job truly exist?). But, I've had some really good times and smiled and laughed a lot.

Tonight I hung out with You People. The rule on our team is that you don't schedule things for Tuesday nights because that's our rehearsal night. Even if rehearsal has to get cancelled for whatever reason, you're supposed to be available and we spend the evening doing something as a team. Sometimes, things come up (understandably) and people have to miss leaving us without enough people to have a rehearsal. Tonight was one of those nights. The folks who were available headed up to Hamburger Mary's and participated in Pub Trivia (one of my favorite pastimes and one I don't indulge in enough). The questions, for the most part, were super easy. So easy in fact that we took first place! It was a great bonding activity and one I hope to repeat soon.

I think this weekend is going to be fun. Kristen's brother arrives tomorrow for a little visit. I've been trying to save up most of my weekly budget to have money to do stuff with them. I know we're going to see a show at Donny's Skybox and having drinks/dinner. I think I'll probably wind up doing nothing the next two days so I have the extra money for that. It's difficult to make those sacrifices, but I keep reminding myself that I want to be able to go home for Christmas and every penny I save keeps me from having to get a retail job to supplement my income.

Money spent: $10
On?: A snack and a PBR at pub trivia.
Money remaining: 41.50

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