Monday, August 2, 2010

It's hard to decide what to count as something that should come out of the 10 dollars a day. I've decided that when in doubt, it should come out (hey, that rhymes). There's no harm in spending less money and of course, there's always more there if I absolutely need it.

In other news, I talked to my boss today about working more hours and he was more than amenable. Since I started at this job, I've worked 4 days a week, totaling 32 hours. Somehow, adding the 5th day to my schedule, I extending my savings by a great margin. Assuming I stick to this current budget (which is more than likely not going to happen, no one's perfect right?), I'll last until next September. By that time, I better have a new and better paying job or there is going to be problems.

Spent: 18.50
On?: Megabus tickets for the girl's half marathon in Indianapolis and for my visit home at Thanksgiving. That's right, $18.50 total for 2 round trip bus tickets. Megabus maybe be late sometimes and it may not be the most luxurious way to travel, but man, you can't beat those prices.
Money left: $51.50

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