Sunday, August 15, 2010


What motivates us to better ourselves? For me, it's usually necessity. It was necessary for me to make this budget because my job did not pay me enough. The 10 dollar a day budget has not been difficult. I have had to be creative to make things work on occasion, but it hasn't been too bad.

I don't have to do it anymore. I got a new job on Friday. It's not going to make me rich and it's not even a massive pay increase, but it's a start. It's a step down the right path.

But I think I'm going to try to stick with the budget. It's given me a reason to blog on a regular basis. It makes me write. It makes me think about how little things like coupons relate to my life. So for the time being, I'm going to stick to the budget, with less fear because I have a cushion. By my projections, I might even be able to build my savings back up. It won't be long before the student loans start knocking at my door.

This is for the whole weekend.

Money spent: $0
On?: Nothing
Money left: $49.00

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Courtney said...

waiting to hear about your new job...