Friday, January 1, 2010

Song of the week (now on Fridays)

So I'm moving song of the week to Fridays. Currently, Friday is my day off, leaving less chance that I'll forget to write one. Is it coincidence that it just happens to be the first day of a new decade. Nope.

So here you go.

The first song of the week of 2010 is "Sleeping Aides and Razorblades" by the Exploding Hearts.

Oh, you've never heard of the Exploding Hearts. Many haven't. These poor kids from Oregon only got to record one album, Guitar Romantic. That album was 60th on Pitchfork's best albums of the decade. It's probably one of my most listened to albums of the last year.

The reason I say "these poor kids" is that while on tour, mere months after the album was released, their tour van flipped over and 3 of the 4 members of the band were killed. My good friend Joey, who gave me this album for my birthday a couple of years ago told me that it's bad luck for touring bands to listen to the Exploding Hearts while on tour.

If you like power pop/punk, listen to this album. If you want a copy, give me a blank cd and I'll make you one. You will love it.

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