Monday, January 18, 2010

Goals Check In Week #2

1. Lose 70 lbs. That's less than 2 lbs a week, but more than 1.
1a. Work out a minimum of 4 days a week, but shooting for 5.

- We're now down 6 lbs from my starting weight for 2010. I worked out three days this week. Still not there, but getting closer. I'm considering joining the same gym as Kristen because she thinks it might help me work out more. The problem lies a couple of things. First of all, the Y is right down the street from where my team rehearses. That's pretty much the only night where I HAVE to go to the gym (any other night I could work out at home if I want to). So I think switching to Bally's, I would have some problems making the trek. So that's in the research phase right now.

2. Read 40 books. That's less than 1 book a week but more than I currently read.

- Finished my first book of 2010. Middlesex by Jeffrey Euginides. I highly recommend it. It was great.

4. Continue to stick to my budget.

- Spent way too much money this weekend, I definitely will be overspending this month.

8. Become a better improviser.

- I'm having problems conquering what I've come to call my "Everest". It's emotionally reacting to my scene partner. It's more difficult than it sounds and I'll tell you why. I'm not an outwardly emotional person. I don't think most of us react the way we really want to in life. In improv, one of the goals is to play real. Don't try to be funny, just play heightened versions of yourself. I have to work on the "heightened" part.

9. Be a better friend.

- I went to a show with some Detroit friends last night. I, in a round about way, told them that I understand their busy lives and feel bad for any previous guilt trips I laid on them about us never hanging out. When we can find the time, we'll get together.

10. Learn a new recipe a month.

- I'm going to go through some cookbooks this week and see what I want to try this month.

13. Find a new job.

- I've pretty much settled on only looking for law firm jobs until I'm done with school. I e-mailed the paralegal office about scheduling an interview for an internship with the Dean. Sometimes, I'm told, those internships lead to jobs.

14. Overcome my awkwardness in social situations.

- I went to a party this weekend for my friend Mark's birthday. I talked to a lot of people I didn't know too well. The only downside was, I spent the whole party following one of the three people I actually knew around. So I still had a crutch.

14a. Make a new friend.

- This doesn't count I'm sure, but I'm going to a concert with Mark and this dude named Linus. We did some e-mail bits in planning the concert out, but didn't really know each other. We met at the party. I added him on Facebook. Does that count?

15. Participate in the mini sprint Chicago Triathalon in August.

- I'm in research mode for this. There is a couple of options. I'm leaning towards doing the "super sprint" but it almost sounds too easy. The main reason I'm doing it is because it's the cheapest options. All the other races cost over 100 bucks to enter.


Dan AKA cuz D said...

Ryan - Nice list of goals

Two comments:
1. Unless you found a way to cram more than 24 hours in a day - I think you need some goals that involve doing less of something to free up time for the other goals.

2. Almost every Dutch adult goes 'sporting' AKA 'to the gym' once per week - and they don't aim higher - call it European Moderation vs. American Extremeism. So this year I'm doing it dutch style, tuesdays 1x/week, to test the theory that moderation is more sustainable. I'll let you know how it goes.

O'Milams Rule!

Tubbs said...

Hey Dan! Thanks for the comment.

I don't think the goals are too much, because they are for the whole year.

Secondly, I've been hearing alot about the Dutch lately and it makes me want to move to the Netherlands in the worst way. I don't know if you listen to the Planet Money podcast, but they've been doing this study on the Dutch Welfare State economy and it sounds like heaven.

On the "sporting once a week" note, I think that the Dutch bike everywhere, so they still get more exercise even with only going once a week.