Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions are stupid.

I'm not doing resolutions this year. Resolutions get broken. This year, I'm setting goals. Goals are something to achieve. The best thing about goals, is that you can fall short of them and it's not always failure. At work, I have a goal to set 4 appointments a month. Is the month a total loss if I only set three? Not at all, that's three opportunities that didn't exist before.

1. Lose 70 lbs. That's less than 2 lbs a week, but more than 1.
1a. Work out a minimum of 4 days a week, but shooting for 5.
2. Read 40 books. That's less than 1 book a week but more than I currently read.
3. Continue to pay down my debt.
4. Continue to stick to my budget.
5. Live more life.
6. Let Kristen know how much I love her everyday.
7. Learn a new skill.
8. Become a better improviser.
9. Be a better friend.
10. Learn a new recipe a month.
11. Try a vegetable every month.
12. Try some other new food every month (this one is negotiable, new foods aren't super easy to come by on a low income. For example, I've always wanted to try lobster, but it's too expensive to take the chance and I'm never in the position to try someone elses.)
13. Find a new job.
14. Overcome my awkwardness in social situations.
14a. Make a new friend.
15. Participate in the mini sprint Chicago Triathalon in August.

I'm hoping these goals can be a focus of this blog for the year. They pretty much make up my entire being, so why shouldn't they be the focus of the blog.

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Rachel said...

I always preferred the term "goals" as well. Good luck with yours!