Saturday, April 25, 2009

I took some pictures, but now I can't find my camera so you'll have to do without for now. I think I may have left it at the Holiday Club so I'll need to call them.

Friday was the girl's birthday. When I asked her where she wanted to go for dinner she said "I want pizza. I want to go to that place we saw on the Food Network where you draw on the walls" Gino's East it was. Neither of us brought Sharpies, so draw on the walls we did not. But we did eat some yummy pizza.

After that we walked over to the Disney store to kill some time. We both found awesome Wall-E t-shirts on clearence for 5 bucks. Mine is the Buy and Large logo (for those who haven't seen the movie, BnL is the company that basically destroys Earth and owns/operates the floating space resorts that everyone has to live on) and Kristen got an Axiom crew shirt (Axiom was the main ship in the resort fleet). When we were checking out, the cashier's were making jokes about us bringing them birthday cake (Kristen had left overs from the cake she got at work). Not wanting to carry it around we gave it to the Disney store employees and they recipricated by giving us free Mickey water bottles.

From there, we took a bus to the Holiday Club where a good deal of our friends came up to drink and celebrate. It was a good time and then we went home around midnight. Hopefully, my lady had a great birthday.

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Mom said...

It was a great day wasn't it? Hopefully, July will be as fun, and they will let us come back to Redamaks. I think I saw them making the "No McGillens Allowed" sign as we were leaving!!