Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The best conversation I've ever had.

me: my friend chris lives 40 miles from King of Prussia, PA
carla.stoltenberg: jealous!
me: he said it's basically like a big mall
carla.stoltenberg: whoa
me: yeah
carla.stoltenberg: a big mall full of those stores that sell swords I bet
me: well of course
how else will the townspeople defend themselves
carla.stoltenberg: and their giant mall
me: what if the people of King of Prussia live in the mall
like The Joneses live in the Foot Locker
carla.stoltenberg: hahaha!
me: and the Davidsons they are really lucky
cause they live in the Cinnabon
and it's an open barter system
each person lives in a store and is responsible for maintaining it
in exchange for being provided goods and services from the other stores
carla.stoltenberg: just as the King of Prussia intended
me: so the Sconces who own the Gap provide V-neck sweaters for the
Appletons who run the Mrs Fields
and keep them in cookies
carla.stoltenberg: if you don't have anything people want to trade, you're out
for example, The Scooter store
(which only sells scooter accessories)
me: oh
I was about to say
everyone in King of Prussia needs a scooter
carla.stoltenberg: scooters in a mall = extremely useful!
scooter accessories without scooters = extremely sucky
me: I feel really bad for the people who live in the market research place that does the surveys
what do they have to trade
carla.stoltenberg: insight statistics
and King of Prussia gossip!
me: i suppose that's true

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Alicia said...

I once got lost in King of Prussia on my way home from a Phillies game (I dont even like the Phillies, I was dating this guy who was a huge baseball fan). There really wasnt much to King of Prussia.