Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a word on being grateful to have a job.

The bus drivers here in Chicago make 17.85 an hour. I don't know what kind of hours they work, but that is a whole lot of money. They could at least be happy and cheerful. I was getting on a bus with a giant cart full of groceries. When I asked the bus driver if she would lower her handicap ramp so I could push the cart up, instead of having to set down all the other grocery bags in my hands and lift the ramp up, man, you would have though I asked her to cut off her arm and hand it to me.

For 17.85 an hour, I would probably never stop smiling. But who knows, I've never driven a bus. Maybe it hurts.

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Alicia said...

haha, thats about what I make an hour....yet I cant stop frowning. Marc told me that like, 70% of people employed dont base their happiness on what they make...

But if I were a bus driver I would always be happy. call me crazy but it actually sounds like a fun job. I also think I would look cute in the CTA uniform :)