Monday, March 17, 2008

Anticipation and Success

The anticipation is killing me. I had a great audition last night for Comedysportz "farm team" Battle-prov. If you don't know, Comedysportz is one of the few places an improvisor can actually get paid just for doing improv. This would be a huge deal for me. The idea of Battle-prov is to develop it's members so that they have a leg up when it comes to professional auditions which will be coming up. Comedysportz is a company I've wanted to be a part of ever since I saw the first show, so the butterflies are working overtime.

I made my first sale today. It was only 419 dollars. But still it's very excited to actually close a deal I've been working on. It was quite a thrill, a big email went out to the company, the Vice President gave me a box of Girl Scout cookies. I'm technically 419% over quota now, since my quota was zero. Gotta concentrate on dialing now so I can get my bonus for the month.

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