Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And the other side of the hill

Immediately after I came up with the title for this entry, I wondered how appropriate it actually is. The other side of a hill (in this case, the downside was what I was trying to say) would more suggest that I was running, full force, without care as to what obstacles may occur, with a child-like grin on my face, towards some sort of goal. Not me. Not yet.

I was meaning to say that I recieved my e-mail from Comedysportz last night, at 9:15ish to let me know that I had not been chosen for Battle-prov. This is not the first time I have recieved this kind of e-mail in anyway, but this one was particularly disheartening. The main reason for this being that I really believed I had this one wrapped up. I waited all day by the phone (with the use of a cell phone, this expression kind of loses it's significance, but you understand I'm sure) for that call that I just new was coming. But it didn't come. At the same time, I do keep hurtling myself down that hill towards that goal of performing on a stage and having someone give me a check for it. There's just not much of a childish grin on my face.

Work is going well. I sit at this desk every day. I try to convince people that they want what I got. In most situations, people immediately shut down to a cold call. They don't understand the value of what I'm offering and there's not a real good way to illustrate it to them before the scheduled appointment. So far I've ran three appointments and all the clients seem to love me. They seem to be really interested. One guy even bought, the other two just didn't have it in the budget right now but one guy insisted I call him back every month to check up on him and one day it will pay off.

I need some more coffee.

If you're reading this, I'd love to know. I made my single post in my Livejournal telling people I'd moved and all but one of my friends out and out refused to follow me here. I'd love to know who's out there though.



I'm reading! I like Blog Spot more than LJ.

Havn't seen ya in a while, and I switched stores at Walgreens, so I won't be seeing you there anymore :(

Sorry to hear about the audition not panning out for you. Keep going at it though man, you were always one of the funniest kids/best actors/amazing improv people I've known, and I think it will take you somewhere, just keep plugging away at it man, and never give up. You got it in you for sure, you were meant for show business.


Mr. B said...

Two things...

Consider this time, before you get a regular performance gig, as your apprenticeship time.
Meet People.
See Shows.
Observe what works and what doesn't work.
Take classes.
Take workshops.
Learn. Learn. Learn.

All with the thought that when you DO get a regular gig, you'll finally be ready for it in a way that you can't possibly be ready for it now. (sorry, you're too green. You need to grow a little bit, yet.)

The other thing to think about is that you need to extend your view a little bit to realize that you aren't running a sprint race here. You're running a marathon. And it takes time to get what you want.

Wait it out. Be tenacious. Take every opportunity you get and keep your eyes open for more of them. They will come to you.

You are exactly where you should be, for who you are, how long you've been here and what you know. The longer you're here, the more you learn, the more doors that will open up for you.

Be in it for the long haul.

The road to success for EVERY performer is paved with rejection letters, emails and phone calls. Welcome to the Brotherhood of that particular institution.