Thursday, March 25, 2010

I suck at this.

Man I was slacking on the posts this week. I set a calendar reminder for myself so that I get a text message every night that says "Have you blogged today?" These last few days I've been so busy that I've looked at that text message and I've basically said "No, no I haven't" and then continued doing whatever I'm doing. I need to into more habits.

I need to set up a workout schedule, because I haven't worked out in like 11 days. I've done some activities that involved alot of walking, but I haven't actually worked out. Now that I should have a "somewhat" normal schedule for at least the next 8 weeks though, I should be able to map out a plan. Rest assured it will get posted here.

I've been missing out on song of the week. Mainly, I haven't been listen to as much music lately. I've been tearing through all the back episodes of Smodcast while I'm at work. There's 114 of them, which last between 55 minutes to 2 hours, so that should give you an idea of what's up with that.

It's my sincere hope that when I return home from my Easter visit to Detroit, I can get back to a semi-normal type of life and make another go at doing a blog every day. Wish me luck!

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Alicia said...

I base my workout schedule around my favorite classes at the Y. For instance, I love to Spin on Mondays and Saturdays, so that means on Tuesdays I will go for a long run. Wednesdays are a day off because I have choir, and then I do a light work out on Thursday. Friday is always a day off. So depending on your schedule you will always have one day off a week, and then another day that could potentially be a day off (for me those days are Thursdays and Sundays, depending on how I feel).

Sometimes, If Iv'e had too busy of a week I even run TO and FROM choir practice on Wednesdays if Tuesdays and Thursdays end up not being work out days, because I know I can't slack off for more than 2 days a week.

The moral? I think making a schedule is crucial, but be willing to be flexible and be willing to try your darndest to get X amount of working out in per week.

wow, that was long.