Thursday, November 5, 2009


Our fridge has not been as cold as we'd like it to be this past week. We called our landlord, who doesn't speak much English, but through her thick accent and broken grammar (and a Google search on common fridge problems) I was able to figure out that she wanted us to try cleaning the coils. This is apparently something you need to do every 6-12 months. As you can see above, it had been way longer than that since they had been cleaned.

You need a vacuum with a hose to properly clean these bad boys, but we, of course, don't have one. Kristen, playing the McGuyver part, fashioned this thing with a Swiffer, a hair tie, and a tape measure.

Our milk was colder this morning, so I guess it worked.


Alicia said...

I almost wanted to be MacGruber for Halloween...but I dont know if anyone would know who I was, unless I carried around a can of pepsi

Mom said...

Very ingenious!!! I found out about the coils kind of the same way when I was a young bride...except it cost us a service call, the technician told me to clean the coils, and charged me for the advice!!!