Friday, October 16, 2009

When I was a Sophmore in high school, I used to hang out at this coffee shop called the Wired Frog. Once and a while I would see this improv group called Mr Roger's Sweatship (featuring my now good friend Joe Krause). They would do short form improv games, which I'd never seen before. I lost my damn mind for these guys, following them to 90% of their gigs, trying to learn the games by screwing around with them in my friend Marissa's front yard. (mind you I'm in high school. No wonder it took so long to kiss a girl).

A few years later, I'm in college studying acting. Being a bigger fellow, the roles weren't as plentiful for me. But, in my sophmore year, I discover that we have an improv troupe and that they are also offering a one time improv class with someone from the Detroit Second City tour co. This is where I discover iO and long form improv. Our text book was Truth in Comedy.

That summer my friend and future room mate, Mike Targus, goes to Chicago for the Summer Intensive at iO. I travel out there to see his final show, finally entering this "temple" of improv, as I believed it to be at the time. One day, I told him later, I'm going to be a performer here.

2 years ago I moved to Chicago and I started classes at iO about six months later. I've now finished and yesterday got word that I was being asked to join their newest Harold team. I did it. I'm a performer at iO. Who knows for how long, but I can't wait.

It's bittersweet though, because some very good friends of mine, people I love to play with and who really deserve to be on a team, did not make the cut. I don't know what to say to them. I equate it to being starving and having someone come up and tell you to stick with it, chin up, and keep trying until you get your food, all while eating ice cream in front of them.

To my new team, I'm so excited to get to work. To my friends who didn't make it, really, keep at it, you're incredibly talented, and you'll get yours soon.


Corinna C. said...

Well, I am very excited for you. Please let me know when I can see you in a show! Also, thanks for making me remember the Wired Frog...

Mom said...

We are so happy for you!! You are on your way to living the dream!!!