Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last night my dad took me to a Tigers game. It was a good time. Comerica Park does not compare to Wrigley Field, but it's still a cool park. The scoreboard in the largest in Major League Baseball.

There's a great story behind this sign. It used to be just the General Motors center field wall. With the economy absolutely beating Detroit to death, General Motors obviously could not afford the advertising dollars that would be required for this sign. When they let Mike Illitch (the owner of the Tigers and a good deal of Detroit when you think about it) know, he not only gave the sign to General Motors for free, but he put the other two major car companies on there as well. That's a really great show of solidarity for the city of Detroit.

After the game was the fireworks, which I had only ever seen from Hockeytown Cafe while working. They were pretty impressive. I've always loved fireworks, but honestly never understood why they were so exciting. That's something I guess I was never meant to know.

Then I went to meet Cakes, Drew, Mariah, and Alex at the Tap Room. We were all there to meet Cake's new girlfriend, Rebecca. She's pretty cool from what I can tell, but I didn't really get a chance to talk to her much. I'm sure she's great.

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