Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let's Get Organized....Organized

Oh hi there. You’re still here. Where have I been you ask? I’ve been getting married, working, traveling, and just living life. All the stuff that should be fodder for a blog, but if you want the truth, I was just lazy. Oh well, maybe 7th time is a charm. But today I want to talk about organization.

The wife asked me to do a fitness, I don’t know, challenge I guess you’d call it. The basic goal is to lose 15 pounds by Father’s day. This is done by carefully tracking calories and making a point to excercise. To this point, I’ve done so - so. I’ve tracked my calories every day (and gone over my limit most days, but not to an obscene amount) and I took walks at lunchtime 3 times last week. I’m trying to step it up to 5 this week, but I missed yesterday and I might have to have working lunches for the rest of the week to go to a doctor’s appointment. Might have to do some night time walks, which is totally fine considering the weather is getting nicer here in Chicago.

Fitness is not necessarily my thing. I understand it’s importance and I try to participate as much as I can, but fitness challenges are not exactly my favorite thing in the world. Working out is not fun for me. So I decided I needed a project of my own to do alongside the fitness challenge. Something for my brain. I picked organization of many aspects of my life. My first target was my iTunes library. It’s crazy. There’s duplicates, broken songs, and a bunch of stuff I don’t even like. My 80 gb iPod is quickly approaching maximum capacity and I know there are albums on here I just can’t stand.

The first step is listening to all the albums I have, in order, and deciding if I really like the album. I’m only like 7 albums in and until today, everything made had made the cut. Today, I decided I wasn’t nuts about “Aha Shake Heartbreak” by Kings of Leon. It wasn’t that it was an awful album. I kind of like Kings of Leon. Still, it wasn’t too hard. I just had to realize that I’ll most likely never listen to this album again. Tonight, that album gets the axe (along with a duplicate of Stand By Me).

I have trouble getting rid of things. I’m afraid that the second I throw something out, I’ll want it. It even stretches to my comic book collection (I’m reticent to use that word, I’ve only been collecting again for about 8 months and only in the last month started trying to build a collection of back issues.). When DC came out with the new 52, I picked an assortment of books to follow and set a cap so as not to return to the way I was in my late teens (I used to spend 50-70 dollars a week on comics.) Amongst those titles lies Justice League International. I’m a big Booster Gold fan and he’s the leader of said super team, so I decided to give it a go. It took some soul searching, but Issue #8 will be the last for me. The Avengers will be taking it’s place in my reserve box.

I’d love to hear some tips on organization if you have any. For organizing anything. Anything at all!


Alicia said...

My tip for organization is to listen to the albums while on your stationary bike. you could organize, and lose the 15 lbs in a month, let alone by Fathers day :)

Tubbs said...

Yeah totally. I usually get through a half an album (or more) on my lunch time walks.

Alexis Milam said...

Not really a tip for organization, but if you're having trouble motivating yourself to walk - perhaps you should consider Dance Walking! Check it out!