Friday, June 18, 2010

Song of the Week 6/18/10

Jenny Lewis (feat. Elvis Costello)- Carpetbaggers

I've been a fan of Jenny Lewis ever since I was a little kid. Of course at that time I wasn't a fan of her music. I was a fan of the way she outsmarted a bounty hunter trying to bring in Jimmy the Autistic video game prodigy in the Wizard with her cry of "HE TOUCHED MY BREAST!".

Then years later, my brother tells me I need to check out this band, Rilo Kiley. I'm in love. Shortly after I get into Rilo Kiley, they come to town. It's on this day that I meet Jenny in person. She won't take a picture with me because she has to go play and if she takes one with me, she has to take one with everyone. Her consolation was "May I embrace you?", which she said with a sheepish grin. Folks, I was in love and the woman hadn't even taken the stage yet.

So now she's out playing solo shows. Kristen and I go see her at Park West and she's amazing.

I picked this song because I've been having an itch to go play music on stage again. I've been telling Kristen I want her to go to an open mic with me and play this song. We never seem to find time to do it, but this summer, I'm hoping that will change.


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Alicia said...

this is one of my favorite Katie and Pat cover songs....they do a great cover of this one! Of course, there's no replacing THE Jenny