Monday, February 8, 2010

Goals Check In Week #5

1. Lose 70 lbs. That's less than 2 lbs a week, but more than 1.
1a. Work out a minimum of 4 days a week, but shooting for 5.

- I did terribly this week. Hardly worked out and didn't eat very well. But this week is already going ok in that department. Didn't workout today (Monday is an off day due to a night class) but haven't overeaten either. Kristen has suggested smaller, more attainable side goals so that I can have some victories. So side goal one is to be below 360 by the end of February.

2. Read 40 books. That's less than 1 book a week but more than I currently read.

- Still working on book #2. So I'm not doing well with this either. I think I'll read a play after this, since those are usually short, and that way I can get back on track. Cheating? Maybe.

5. Live more life.

- Spent most of the weekend in the house playing my PS3, but Kristen and I did take a nice walk down to the lake to look at the ice.

6. Let Kristen know how much I love her everyday.

- Kristen and I had a bit of a fight this weekend, but it was resolved amicably and we spent the rest of the weekend madly in love.

7. Learn a new skill.

- I'm thinking about website design maybe.

8. Become a better improviser.

- I had a pretty good show on Sunday. Not my best, but got some compliments both about the team and my personal performance.

9. Be a better friend.

- I'm having some trouble defining this. I've been burned by some people I thought were better friends in the last few weeks and it's making me have trouble trusting the people I'm trying to build a lasting relationship with. I think most of it is in my head.

10. Learn a new recipe a month.

- Didn't learn one in January, but I'm researching and working on developing my own chili recipe.

11. Try a vegetable every month.

- Nothing in January, but Kristen got some avocados the other day and says I should try guacamole.

12. Try some other new food every month (this one is negotiable, new foods aren't super easy to come by on a low income. For example, I've always wanted to try lobster, but it's too expensive to take the chance and I'm never in the position to try someone elses.)

- Didn't do it in January. I got Chorizo on some nachos at the bar the other night instead of Chicken. This was the first time I've ordered Chorizo on anything. I thought I had had it before and didn't like it, but just this morning I realized I had it confused with Andouille.

13. Find a new job.

- Today was frustrating. Seems like Monday is usually the day when I am most focused on looking for a new job when I get off work. It's not the company's fault, it's just the nature of the job.

15. Participate in the mini sprint Chicago Triathalon in August.

- I'm pretty sure I'm going for my first swim tomorrow. Just have to remember to pack my swimsuit and a towel/flip flops for the gym.

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Alicia said...

I think a play works fine as a book...and if it helps get you on the reading train, so be it!