Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blast From the Past

I was just listening to "Adam Raised of Cain" by the Boss and I was reminded of this book I read in elementary school. I found a copy on Amazon and I think it just might be worth the 3 dollars.

The plot is basically this prepubescent boy, in a single parent home, dealing with all of his issues by writing fan letters about them to Bruce Springsteen. I can't remember if the Boss ever writes back or if the kid ever even sends the letters. I just had a vision of Bruce, dictating a response to Max Weinberg, who is furiously typing in shorthand.


Courtney said...

i always wish your blog had a "like" button

brian said...

Bruuuuuuce! i just pulled out the Darkness on the Edge of Town album the other day. good stuff.

p.s. from your post title I thought maybe you were blogging about Brendan Fraser movies. good to see it was springsteen instead