Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Another Thing I Never Thought I'd Say

A couple of days ago I sent this e-mail to Kristen after leaving the gym.

"So I never thought I would say this but I kind of understood what people like about working out. Don't get me wrong, I still was counting the seconds until it was over, but my legs pumping and my face covered in sweat felt oddly enjoyable. Still if there was a pill I could take that would produce all the same effects as diet and excercise I would be first in line to buy it."

I'm still not sure what it is people (myself included) enjoy about being sweaty and gross (see the unflattering picture above), but there is something satisfying about it. Not everyday, but some days. Still, I think I'll always be one of those people who has to force themselves to excercise

In other news, I need to shave.


Alicia said...

Im VERY happy to read this post. On Saturday you seemed more upbeat by the had a bit of bounce in your step. Keep it up!

Alexis said...

I'm not sure that I can relate about liking to be sweaty, but I'm glad you find this somewhat motivating. Trust me, it gets easier as you get into more of a routine ...BUT the good thing is, exercise produces endorphins and ultimately gives your body more energy. That's what I like about it. Enjoy your next sweaty workout!

Corinna said...

your hair is so long!