Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm singing to Nelson, ain't I baby.

That's an obscure title I know. It's an obscure line from A League of Their Own. The reason I use it is because I saw the man who played Nelson (a minor character) in that movie in a play called The Seafarer at Steppenwolf last night. It was awesome. I got the tickets for only 5 bucks, even though they usually cost 55. Kristen and I got to sit front row center. Another notable performer was the guy who played Claire Dane's dad on My So Called Life. The guy who played Martin Crane, Fraser's dad on Fraser, was also supposed to be in the show, but his understudy was performing. If you have the means (or find out about a sweet offer like I did) go see this show. It was really funny and dark and at times moving. Just loved it.

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