Thursday, June 27, 2013

2 Months!

How can I keep letting all this time pass between entries!?! It's not like I don't have news. I do. I have plenty of stuff going on. Let's break it down by category!


  • No full time job yet. I've had some really great interviews and right now have a few possibilities on the horizon so I'm feeling quite optimistic. It's a weird feeling for me. I catch myself having positive thoughts and catching myself off guard. 
  • I'm actually making some money as an actor. I've been working doing sporadic voice-over work for a company called 9-Ball Radio. It's not steady work, but it helps me to feel like I'm contributing. Plus it's fun. 
  • I'm also participating in a service called Mturk through Essentially, you do something called HITs (Human Intelligence Tests). They are various surveys and studies for universities, people who want help transcribing their web videos or podcasts, and people trying to improve their SEO. You get paid anywhere from 2 cents to a couple of bucks for tasks. I don't make real money at it. I keep it all in Amazon credit. This helps me so that when I get that urge to buy a new board or video game or something, I have all this Amazon credit saved up.

  • Life is pretty good. 
  • I'm spending more time with friends. This is something I was longing for and part of the drive behind moving. It's great to have people getting in contact with you because they want to spend time in your company, not because they want you to come see their show. I missed that. I'm so happy I can be here for the important things now. It's Dale's (one of my bestest friends) birthday tomorrow and even though I was able to be here last year, this year I get to go not because of happenstance but because we're going out to dinner a mile from my house. That makes me really happy. 
  • The wife and I are enjoying something new in our lives. Alone time. Our apartment is huge. She's in the living room right now watching Law and Order: SVU and I'm back in our office (I say our office because I spend a majority of my time here but she has a desk back here too) writing this. We don't dislike spending time with each other. We're big fans. But it's nice to have separate spaces to go when we just want to be alone. 
  • In general, the wife and I are having a good time. We're trying to try new things. I've been pushing to go out for some pub trivia and try to make it a regular thing but so far she's been too tired. She's working hard at her new job, so she gets a pass. 
  • We're cooking more. By we, I mean me. I love to cook and I want to learn to be really good at it. I'm getting much better. I'm trying new recipes and they are (for the most part) coming out great. We bought cast iron pans and I've been seasoning them and I finally made a grilled cheese in one today. It tasted just fine, but looked so perfect. I was really proud. Tonight I'm making pork chops with a bit of a Mexican twist and some Cous Cous.
  •  I didn't think I'd ever improvise again. At least not in a professional setting. Low and behold, first performance related thing I do when I move back is audition for the brand new (Opening in September) Comedysportz Detroit. Comedysportz was something I always loved to watch and wanted to get into in Chicago but I never got past the auditions. I'm so pleased to be a part of this company. There's varying levels of experience so it's fun to watch everyone learning and getting better together. I occasionally get concerned about how things are going to go. I've been worried about what elements of the Comedysportz experience that I loved in Chicago might not get used in Detroit. But that's OK. I have to remember that I'm one small part of the equation. I'll give my thoughts, we'll work together as a group and it's going to be fantastic. I've yet to get much non-rehearsal chance to hang out with the gang, but I know we will eventually. There's some people in the group I think I'll really be great friends with (including two people from Wayne that I was already friends with!). 
  • Nothing much coming out of me on the writing front. I'm trying to think of ideas for a new play, but nothing jumps out at me. 
Now here comes the part where I say I'm really going to try to blog more. Will I actually do it? You be the judge. 

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