Thursday, March 12, 2009

Phases and Stages

It's amazing what doing your research can do. I was all prepared to kind of write this album off. Twangy country that I can at least tolerate. Not quite as good as Johnny Cash or any of the old classics, but not as annoying and conservative as the new country. But then I decided to see what information I could find about this album. It really changed my perspective.

For those who don't know, Phases and Stages is about a marriage falling apart from both sides of the relationship. Side one is told from the woman's side (Washin' the Dishes, Pretend I Never Happened, the really powerful [How Will I Know] I'm Falling in Love Again, etc.). Side two is performed from the man's side (I Still Can't Believe You're Gone [which is equally powerful] , etc.)

It's a really interesting concept album and that's something you never expect out of a country musician, no matter how much he or she loves pot. All that said, it's still sounds like traditional country that my grandma listens to. I'm not sure if I should deduct points for that or not.


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Alicia said...

I like how your blog had a variety of features such as music you sampled and pics you're posting...well done!